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Om händer, essay about Pierluigi Billone (in Swedish)

Interview done by Dan Vezza during Gaudeamus Music Week 2013, courtesy of

Ordermusiken, my master thesis.

Yxhugg av mörker
(Nutida musik nr 1-2 2009)

Order, del 1 by Richard Craig
Review of HÄRD (in spanish...) among others
Review (in Swedish) of Nattarbete among others
Review (in Spanish) of Nattarbete among others
Review of Stenar - Aska, aska (in Finnish) among others
Review of Stenar - Aska, aska (in Swedish) among others
Bad review (in Swedish...) of Nattarbete among others
Quote from review of Nattarbete in Nutida Musik:
Otherwise the high point was Esaias Järnegards phenomenal Night Work. In a large drum a string was fastened and by pulling on the string with varied power and friction Pontus Langendorf managed to obtain a rich variety of darkly rumbling sonorities. There was also a formal lucidity, also in a choreographical sense, where the musician moved along the stage along the hanging sheets of music. 
-Andreas Engström Nutida Musik 3/2010 (translation Hidden Mother)

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