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untitled [2018-2020] ca 45'
for percussion, piano and violin
(Sori Choi, Heloisa Amaral, Karin Hellqvist)
y (uspilon) [2014] 15'

for oboe, electric guitar and accordion
(Peter Veale, Seth Josel and Sergej Tchirkov)
strå. strängar. stängsel [2013] - straw. strings. fences 39' ORDER PART 9
for frame drum, musical saw and spring drum
(Hidden mother) (also see trio kuarup (below) and kuarup A and B. The three sections which this piece consist of)
trio kuarup [2013] - (trio kuarup) 16'
for frame drum, musical saw and spring drum
(Hidden Mother)
matteus-/lampan [2013] - (matthew-/lantern) 10' ORDER PART 8
for flute, clarinet and voice
(ensemble f0)
ax, strå [2013] - (ear, straw) 13' ORDER PART 7
for piano, percussion and electric guitar
(Christian Smith, )
härd [2012] - (hearth) 14' ORDER PART 6
for baryton saxophone, electric guitar and percussion
(Vertixe Sonora Ensemble)
du - / ruinerna (2012) - (you - / the ruins) 8' ORDER PART 5
for percussion trio
(Ensemble Evoulution)

zürich, vid vattnet (2011)- (zürich, by the sea) 7' ORDER PART 4
for clarinet, accordeon and cello
(Moscow contemporary music ensemble)
chamber ensemble (4-8)
larger ensemble (9+)

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