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PhD- studies at the academy of music and drama at Gothenburg University 2018-2022 (preliminary)

On-going collaboration for trio HELLQVIST-AMARAL-CHOI, première summer 2021, (preliminary)

Commission with support of Swedish Arts Council for Gothenburg Cathedral’s youth choirs, organ and percussion, première 2020, preliminary.

Songs for Simone, new piece for ensemble: flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, viola and cello (performers as of yet undisclosed)


À Sibyl – mǒnē for solo cello, commissioned, performed and recorded by Christina Meißner. CD to be released during 2020.

Songs for Antonin for ensemble and electronics, commissioned and performed by Switch~ensemble (February 2019)

Stenar – aska, aska recorded by UMEDUO for upcoming CD- release (2020)

Residency with ensemble recherche (2018)

Aural intimacies, collaboration with writer Khashayar Naderehvandi, live recital and electronic sounds (April 2018)

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