New piece for Aksiom[2020-21] 20’
for ens.
New piece for Gageego![2020-22] 15’
for ens.
Songs for Simone [2017-20]- 20'
for ens. and electronics
Songs for Antonin[2017-18] - 17'
for ensemble and electronics
(fl, cl, sx, perc, pno, vn, vlc)
isola [2017]- 20'
for ens.
(fl, clar, vln, vla, vlc)
isola. pharos [2016]- 13'
for solo perc. and ens.
(fl, clar, pno, vln, vla, vlc)
(MDI ensemble, Milano Musica Commission)
nagug [2015]- 12'
for perc., e-gtr, pno and vc.
pharos [2015]- 15'
for solo vn and ens.
(fl., cl., perc., va, vc.)
(Karin Hellqvist and Gageego!)
nattarbete (red. version)[2011] -10'
for solo instrument or
combination of instruments
(Cb rec., fl(s), half-cl.,
acc., perc. and str.)
nattarbete [2009]- 20'
for solo instrument or
combination of instruments
(Richard Craig, Pontus Langendorf,
Karin Hellqvist and Adina Sabin)
utmarker [2008/2011]- 10'
for string quartet
(ensemble surplus)
bakom det grå [2008]- 12'
for chamber ensemble
(Seinäjoki city orchestra)